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SAGE - Instructor Referrals for Student Success

What is SAGE?

SAGE is a web-based early-warning module that allows instructors to create student referrals with reasons and recommended actions for students enrolled in their classes at any time during the semester. Using SAGE to refer a student begins a campus-wide intervention process planned and conducted to assist UofL’s retention effort.

What are the advantages of SAGE referrals?

Students receive the electronic referral by email as soon as it is sent. There is no delay as with past printed forms of early warning alerts. Instructors who refer students to REACH services can view the campus TutorTrac database to check to see if the referred students come in to use REACH services. A SAGE referral can assist students in taking stock of their academic performance and in changing their behavior as students.

How does SAGE work?

A SAGE referral for a single student or for a group of students initiates a series of automated events all occurring at the same time. When the SAGE referral is sent to the student or group of students, SAGE also sends the referral automatically to each student’s academic unit advisor and to all selected academic support staff.

Is it easy to use?

SAGE has been updated and is now easier to use. The latest version of this Tutor Trac module now separates courses by sections and allows instructors to easily send referrals to individual or large numbers of students with the click of a few buttons.

What are the benefits for students?

A copy of all student referrals is sent to the student’s academic advising unit for the student’s record and for potential follow-up. REACH contacts each referred student to share specific information about course tutoring and to offer encouragement to take advantage of this assistance.

Instruction for using SAGE

SAGE Tutorial

For instructions on how to check to see if your students are using REACH visit

Where can I get more information?

SAGE Brochure

For assistance please contact:

Nicole Meyer, REACH Research Analyst Senior
Strickler Hall, Room 328
University of Louisville
Office: (502) 852-3709

Executive Director, REACH
Strickler Hall, Room 245
University of Louisville
Office: (502) 852-8105;

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