REACH Student Success Online Seminars - Request Form

The REACH Online Student Success Seminars allow students the opportunity to complete one or more of the REACH Student Success Seminars online via Blackboard. Upon request, access is granted to the REACH Online Student Success Seminar Blackboard module. Upon completion of each requested seminar, students will be given credit for each seminar completed.

Seminars currently offered online are:

  • Meeting the Challenge of Time
  • Becoming Savvy with Textbooks
  • Studying Smarter
  • Becoming a Disciplined Student and
  • Acing the Test.
  • Taking Effective Notes (Available February 2014)

To gain access to the online seminars please complete the form below.
*Note: Please allow 48 hours after your request has been submitted for access to be granted.


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Meeting the Challenge of Time

Studying Smarter

Becoming Savvy with Textbooks

Becoming a Disciplined Student   

Acing the Test

Taking Effective Notes

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