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Computer Skills Seminars for Spring 2011

REACH Computer Skills Enhancement Seminar – PowerPoint 2013 Basics

Have a presentation that is due for a class assignment? Want to brush up on your PowerPoint skills?

REACH is offering to students a FREE computer skills seminar that will cover the basics of PowerPoint 2013.

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Basics Location

Have you ever needed to create a PowerPoint presentation for class? Have you ever needed to create a presentation for a group project yet did not feel comfortable doing it? This seminar covers the basics of creating, saving, and sharing PowerPoint presentations, as well as some general presentation guidelines.
Topics may include:


  1. An introduction to the PowerPoint setup and different parts of the user interface
  2. Choosing simple layouts and themes for slides and entering text
  3. Learning how to create, edit, save, and print slideshows
  4. Viewing the slideshow
  5. Discovering the capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint

If you have any suggestions for topics, contact the webmaster with your ideas or questions.

Self Paced Skills Enhancement

For self-paced study, consider using the Microsoft IT Academy. This is a free tutorial service offered through Information Technology for University of Louisville students. Registration instructions are posted online.

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