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Student Success Seminars

The Student Success Seminars provide an overview and examples of appropriate strategies for university students to incorporate into their courses. All sessions are in Strickler Hall 111. A printable flyer is available for downloading and printing.

REACH now offers Online Student Success Seminars through Blackboard. To gain access to the online seminars please complete this online request form. The following seminars are currently offered:

  • Meeting the Challenge of Time
  • Becoming Savvy with Textbooks
  • Studying Smarter
  • Becoming a Disciplined Student and
  • Acing the Test.
  • Taking Effective Notes (Available February 2014).


Student Success Seminars

Meeting the Challenge of Time

Ideas, suggesstions and strategies for managing your busy schedule.

Some Quick Tips are available for Successful Time Management.

Date Times Location

Noon - Kimberly Bencker
4:00 pm: Grant Bridgewater

Strickler 111

Noon - Nathan Dalton
2:30pm - Caleb Sheehan


Noon: Elizabeth Frank
2:30pm - Nathan Dalton


Becoming Savvy with Textbooks

Utilizing a reading system plus legitimate "shortcuts" can help you get more from reading textbooks.

Read the Quick Tips guide for Textbook Reading.

Date Times


Noon - Elizabeth Frank
2:30pm - Irma Bektic



11:00am - Elizabeth Frank
Noon - Mark Woolwine


Noon - Caleb Sheehan
2:30 pm - Jessica Newton


Noon - Mark Woolwine
3:00 pm - Roxanne Leiter


Taking Effective Notes

Have some viable options for taking notes in class and know what information to include in notes. Also understand why note taking is important and know how taking and using notes can increase your learning.

Take a look at the Quick Tips guide for Taking Effective Notes.

Date Times Location


Noon - Kimberly Bencker
3:00 pm - Mary Gregg

Strickler 111

Noon - Nathaniel Dalton
2:30 pm - Jessica Newton


Noon - Keith McKnight
4:00 pm - Grant Bridgewater


Noon - Caleb Sheehan
4:00 pm -Jessica Newton


Acing the Test

Organize, reinforce, rehearse, and distribute study to get maximum benefit from your efforts.

This seminar is offered online for Spring 2015

Date Times Location


Studying Smarter

This seminar is offered online for Spring 2015

Date Times Location


Becoming a Disciplined Student

This seminar is offered online for Spring 2015

Date Times Location


Preparing for Finals

Examine strategies and systems that can help you maximize your efforts and study methods for final exams. Be sure to check out the Quick Tips for How To Prepare for Finals.


Date Times Location

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