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Math Tutoring

The Math Resource Center (MRC) offers drop-in tutoring for most 100- and 200- level Mathematics courses in an environment conducive to study both individually and in small groups. You can also request an online tutoring appointment:Request an Online Tutoring Appointment

The tutors staffing the MRC are able to assist students by helping with homework questions, practice problems, and exam analysis. Come by and learn how to reduce math anxiety and improve your math study skills! Just bring your math homework and study with us.

For more information, view the MRC/VMC flyer.

Students: Don't forget to bring your student ID, or have your ID # memorized, to sign in.

Summer 2016

During the summer, the MRC will be open Monday - Thursday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The MRC is closed on Fridays during the summer.

We are located in Strickler Hall room 226. Drop by anytime! We can help! Our assistance includes:

  • Drop-in academic support forGEN 103/104, MATH 111, 180, 190, 205, and ENGR 101& 102
  • A mini-computer lab for MyMathLab, MATH XL, Hawkes, Webassign, and Internet
  • Request an Online Tutoring Appointment

Speed Calculus Preview Program - Summer 2016

The Calculus Preview Program is a four-week, intensive review program for intermediate algebra and advanced algebra skills. The program requires online instructor-led review sessions. These review sessions offer fast-paced instruction in a self-paced format. In addition, online computer sessions provide practice, supplemental instruction, and skills tests for each week of the program. Students must earn passing scores on weekly assignments and tests for successful completion of the program. If a student successfully completes the program, he or she will be better prepared to handle the rigorous first few weeks of her/his first Speed Engineering course.

The 2016 enrollment period has ended, however, you can still find out more about the program.

Virtual Math Center

The onsite Virtual Math Center (VMC) is a computer lab that is used exclusively by the GEN 103/104 (Special Topics in College Mathematics) courses at REACH.  In particular, GEN 103/104 classes and drop-in tutoring for these two intervention mathematics courses take place in the VMC, which is located in Strickler Hall, Room 331.  Support for GEN 103/104, as well as other 100- and 200-level mathematics courses, is also offered through the Math Resource Center (MRC).

VMC Online Tutoring Request Form


  • Mini-computer lab - Ten computers are available with a broad array of math applications such as MyMathLab, and MathXL in the MRC.
  • Textbooks and Course Packs - With your student id, you may check out the required textbook/course pack for your math course. Books and binders cannot be taken out of the Math Center.
  • Solutions Manuals - With your student id, you may check out the solution manual for your math textbook. Manuals cannot be taken out of the Math Center.
  • Trained tutors

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Hours & Location

Math Resource Center Strickler Hall 226 East
Phone: 852-7434

Fall & Spring
Mon. - Thur. 9:00am - 7:00pm
Fri. 9:00am - 2:00pm

Mon. - Thur. 10:00am - 5:00pm

Tutoring in the Math Resource Center