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Supplemented Study for College Reading


The Supplemented Study Program provides an opportunity to first time students for two additional hours of instruction and academic support in designated general education courses. Students taking a supplemented course section will attend the lecture class for 3 hours each week and will additionally attend a discussion/tutoring class connected to the lecture for 2 hours a week. Students will attend a total number of 5 hours of class each week. Students will have no additional tuition charged for a supplemented course section. Students will receive 3 credit hours towards graduation for successful completion of the supplemented course section.

The additional hours of class will assist students with critical reading skills and study strategies for the course, and will provide content tutoring to encourage students’ success in the general education course. Students will sign a learning contract related to the additional attendance and assignments of the supplemented course section on the first day of classes. A student’s completion or non-completion of this contract will be reported to the general education course professor during the semester.


To meet a CPE mandate, the university requires that first-year students admitted with reading deficiencies receive instruction. One supplemented general education course section is required for all entering UofL freshmen whose ACT College Reading scores are 18 or less (SAT I Verbal 430 or less). This requirement is state-mandated and university-wide. Advisors working with first-year students are obliged to assist them in developing an individual schedule of classes that meets the requirement.

 REACH will monitor registration for the supplemented course sections. During Summer Orientation, students not eligible for the program will be removed from supplemented course sections. Students required to register for a supplemented course section will be notified and required to change their schedule of classes if no registration in a supplemented course section is found following summer orientation.

 Advisors may also recommend the Supplemented Study Program to students who expect to experience difficulty with selected general education courses. Referrals for voluntary participation in supplemented sections should be addressed to Cathy Leist, Executive Director of REACH (852-8105 or cwleis01). Voluntary participation is available dependent on enrollment.


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