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What is ADVANCE in Mathematics for Spring 2013?

ADVANCE is a 7 week intensive review program for Mathematics, primarily prealgebra and algebra skills. This program requires onsite or online instructor-led intensive review sessions. These review sessions offer fast-paced instruction in a self-paced format. In addition, online computer sessions provide practice, supplemental instruction and skills tests for each week of the program. Students must work to task completing weekly assignments and tests for successful completion of the program. If a student successfully completes the program, s/he is eligible to post-test for UofL Mathematics placement. The post-test provides an opportunity for possible advancement in placement. Eligible students can use this opportunity to “ADVANCE” into UofL’s general education Mathematics curriculum.


Who is Eligible?

Any students enrolled at UofL who are highly motivated and are willing to work on Mathematics several hours each week are encouraged to consider this Mathematics review program. Eligible students must have/be the following:

  • ACT Math Score of 19-22 or higher
  • SAT Math score of 460-530 or higher
  • Compass Algebra score of 31-100 or College Algebra score 0-64 or higher
  • Students who WITHDREW or were not successful in MT 085
  • Students who WITHDREW or were not successful with Math 111

What are the Advantages of ADVANCE in Mathematics?

Students who successfully complete the ADVANCE program will have experienced an intense review which may help them earn higher grades in entry-level Mathematics courses. Students who successfully complete the ADVANCE program may post-test into higher level Mathematics courses which will enable them to move more quickly to completion of their general education Mathematics courses.  In addition, students who successfully complete the ADVANCE program may post-test from developmental Mathematics courses into entry-level Mathematics courses which will save students’ time/money that would have been spent on developmental courses.

How Does It Work?

ADVANCE in Mathematics takes place during the following dates:

First session:  January 14 to March 1.
Second Session:  March 4 – April 26.

For the Spring onsite program, sessions meet on MW or TTR at various scheduled times during the week. (Two sessions are required each week.)  The REACH Math Resource Center will provide additional drop-in tutoring support M-F. The REACH Virtual Math Center is available for tutoring on weeknights and weekends. Attendance, participation, and achievement are required for program completion and success.

For the Spring online program, instead of attending a classroom lecture, students will work independently using Blackboard and a browser-based program, MathXL, on their computer.

For both the onsite and online programs, students must stay on schedule and complete online homework and tests with an 80% average. If a student tends to procrastinate and complete assignments at the last minute, s/he may not be successful in this review program.

What is the cost?

Students must pay a total material fee of $75.00 for the access code to MathXL (also used in entry-level Math 111) and for the instructional materials provided for both the onsite and online programs. Payment is due to REACH by the first day of the fall program. No refunds are given following the first day of program or if the computer program access code is activated before that date.

How Do I Enroll?

  • Apply to the program online or print and mail in an application any time before the start of the program.
  • The fee includes all testing, instructional materials, and access code for the software. Payments may be made by cash or check made payable to "University of Louisville." At this time, we are not able to accept credit card payments.
  • Where Can I Get More Information?

    For answers to more specific questions, please contact:

    Carrye Wilkins
    Strickler Hall, Room 243
    (502) 852-7434

    Megan Helton
    Strickler Hall, Room 126E
    (502) 852-3609

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Hours & Location

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